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Are eggs good for cats?

Hi, I´m new. My cat is weired. She likes raw eggs more than actual cat food. Whenever I drop an egg in the kitchen, it falls on the ground, breaks, my cat comes and starts eating it. I let her, but I was wondering if it´s good for her... Any advice?
  • Lara L.


    Hi, I have the same phenomenon - my cats love raw eggs as well. I think raw eggs are good for their fur, but overeating isn't good. Normally my cats get a raw egg every now and then mixed with their other food and they absolutely love it. ☺
  • Emily M.


    Yeah, it is good for the cat but doesn't give him extensive eggs otherwise it will be unhealthy for her.
  • Emily M.


    Well, everyone knows that excessive eat of one thing is not good for health but if you gave your cat, the egg's to eat then it is not a problem although it is healthy for them but over the limit will disturb their health.
  • Sonia C.


    HI Didn't know that eggs were good for cats. My sister gives her cat scramble eggs and she eats it. 

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