Pet health insurance

Hi guys! I'm new here, this website used to be useful for me and i registered just to get a quick advice about cat health insurance. I've got Sphynx cat and i want to get more information about insurance companies or plans that are available in my area (Salt Lake City).

So, can anybody help me? All kinds of advice would be useful. Also i would appreciate information about exact companies or links on comparison charts.

Thanks. Daniel

  • Jeannette S.

    Are you interested in insurance companies? I can give you more details, but I need your location and pet information.

  • Amelia S.

    I think it’s definitely important to have pet insurance. Although unfortunately, I don’t know any places in Salt Lake City that take care of them. But I’m sure if you try to google them, you will definitely find a bunch, as nowadays a lot of people take care of this. Nevertheless, if anything happens to your cat, you can immediately be ensured. I’m actually a dog owner, but I also read on that it is essential to have insurance. It will definitely make your life easier, as well the little pet will instantly feel better. Let us know how things turn out, but I hope for the best. Good luck for you!

  • Lucy P.

    Pet insurance really helped me! :D

    My husband used to make insurance for my kitten so i will ask him if he can explain all aspects


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