Cat and food

My cat is not eating all your feed and the sauce that always she eats only intermingling until the stock runs out, now she's looking for foods that I prepaparo, I wonder if she's with a problem or is it just memsmo mania

  • Ester V.

    It is hard to understand your question. If I am understanding right then probably, you are trying to say that your cat doesn't eat anything until you hug or keeps her close. Is it true? In that case, you should try some tasty meals and yes, most of them could be canned ones. I think you can treat her to one of the best tasty cat meals by using this source. Try the mixture of both wet and dry food as a beginner and I hope it will work.

    Besides, you can also take some serious food precautions and add some particular meals to her diet after getting suggestions from the vet. Indeed, we are only cat owners, not pet dietitians or vets, so better to go with experts' advice. 

  • Andy G.

    I combine wet food (Instinct) with homemade cat food. My cat's health has improved, and her coat looks healthier and shinier.

    It can take time to get your cat used to a certain kind of wet cat food. I had to try a few before my human got it right. We've had good success with Purina beyond lately

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