why will my cat only eat expensive foods

we have tried feeding her normal cat food but she will not eat it and my nan gave me some expensive food and she ate all of it 

  • Kristen W.

    If you got your cat off of someone else that regularly fed the cat expensive foods than that's the reason If you want your cat to switch to regular food than start by mixing some regular food with the expensive, each day add a bit more less expensive food until your cat is fine with eating the regular food
  • Lesley C.

    I have the same problem, she likes Sheba and Felix Marinades but anything else and she turns her nose up!

  • Millie_BleuAngel

    I have to say, cats are the only other animals other than humans who are known to want to be given things than to work for them. Of course, this does not mean that they are like humans in every way. But to answer your question, some cats are picky and only want to best. Maybe your cat just like the taste of these foods, I highly doubt she knows the price it's costing you! But try and get the same flavour foods and things but at a cheaper price.

    Dizzy x

  • Nikki H.

    I wish you luck with that one; my girl was given all types of food as a kitten but would leave the cheap stuff and only eat the expensive ones, she is now 9 and still only eats Felix or Sheba, I gave up buying cheap brands as I was throwing it away, I never had any wastage of the expensive ones. Like us cats have their likes and dislikes, mine prefer finest over basic. Good luck

  • Pixel

    If your cat is used to eating expensive food, you will going to have a hard time getting her to eat regular food. My advice, start by mixing a little bit if regular food to her expensive food, each day put a little more regular food, eventually you will only eat regular food! 

    Good luck!


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