How do I stop my cat for peeing on stuff?

My cat keeps on peeing on stuff like bags,shoes,floors,backpacks, also folders. How do I stop him???
  • Mckinna W.

    How often do you clean the litter?

  • Heather W.

    Is Puss really peeing, or spraying. If Puss is spraying buy Feliway to spray on the areas its happening to and the pheromones (which are the same as the make up in Puss) should see Puss chin rubbing instead of spraying.Good luck

  • Monae S.

    Put it were its easy to get to
  • Amaya M.

    Well i do have a litter box for him...
  • Lizie

    You could try getting your kitten a litterbox :)

    You have to teach him how to use it, though! Grab his paws and gently rub them on the sand of the box, just like he does before he pees or poops. (Yes, before cats pee or poop, they rub their paws on the floor, that's a warning)

    Don't scold the cat as he will not know why he's being scolded, just praise him a lot and give him treats when he uses the litterbox and he will associate it with time :D 

    Good luck! If you need something else i'll be here ^^


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