Are cooked Chicked Bones dangerous for cats?

Hi, I am a little confused. today I read an article that said cooked chicken bones are dangerous for cats, but I don't understand, how? 

When we cook something all the germs are washed away. right?

  • Arianna J.

    Yes, cooked chicken bones can be dangerous for cats. Cooked bones can easily splinter and break into sharp pieces, which can cause serious damage to a cat's digestive system if ingested. 

    These sharp bone fragments can puncture the cat's stomach or intestines, leading to internal injuries and infections. It's best to avoid feeding your cat any type of bones, whether cooked or raw, to reduce the risk of injury or harm. 

    Instead, provide your cat with meat that has been deboned and is safe for them to eat. Additionally, always supervise your cat when they are eating to ensure they are not consuming anything they shouldn't be.


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