How do I stop my cat ripping the carpet?

My three-year-old tortoiseshell cat Ember has a habit of ripping the carpet up whenever she is locked in the bedroom. Is there anything I can do to stop her doing it?

  • Jillian E.

    My cat Molly does the same thing but she isn't shut in any rooms, she will not use scratching posts she has three of them, but prefers the carpets I have tried using rugs on top of the carpet, at least they can be replaced.

  • Sarah J.

    really that's it play with it and keep it happy or it gets bored and does things like that

  • David B.

    Does she have things to do when locked in the bedroom? What type of personality does she have, likes to be with people or is she a loaner (sound like she is the latter and wants to be where the action is)?

  • Pixel


    Have you tried buying a scratching post? 

    You can also put some repulsive spray on the carpet so she won't approach it.

    Hope it helped!


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