Loving on me then biting me

What would make a 9 month old kitten you have had 100 it's life, except 4 weeks, bite you? She wii licking you one minute, then as quick as a snake, bite me? We found her in a dumptster where all her other siblings were set fire to and killed. Could this be a traumatic brain issue?
  • Anthony C

    This could actually be a sign of affection or simple petting aggression. This is quite an interesting read on the topic...

  • Ester V.

    I don't think it is any brain issue. Better to contact the vet. 

  • Sharon K.

    This is play aggression.   When she does this, redirect her attention to a toy.  Also, get her playing vigorously several times each day.  At her age she has boundless energy and instinct to hunt.

  • Pizza C.

    Not really. At a young age, they like playing a lot, so biting is normal. I once had a black kitten, who would climb up on my body like a monkey and sit on my shoulders. Give it some toy to chew on.


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