Paralyzed kitten care

Does anyone know how to help with constipation in a eighteen week old paralyzed kitten. I have tried several things and it becomes very painful at times. I started a page on Facebook learn to care for your paralyzed kitten, on YouTube called Bonus the Paralyzed kitten and a GoFundMe to help with medical bill.
  • Eugene L.

    I'm sorry both of you have to go through this. I hope you are doing well now. And I should say, your cat is lucky to have such an owner. As far as I know, with the proper care, and lots of love and attention, many paralyzed animals can live long and happy lives. Constipated kittens may need additional fluid support in order to pass stool. Home remedies, like stool softeners and changes in diet, may relieve cat constipation, but I'd consult with the vet first. Also, you can ask about probiotics. I've recently read the article about them (maybe it will be helpful for you). I wish you good luck!

  • Tetiana S.

    Please update how your kitten is

  • Julianna W.

    how terrible it is! I do not know how to help you! I hope everything goes well with the kitten!


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