What flea control do you recommend?!

Freddy and the other two cats are indoor only, but we also have two dogs that seem to bring the fleas inside. We have used Advantage II, but lately it's just working and it's really rough on the kitty that has sensitive skin. 
  • helena M.

    I have found that using vet's flea on my furniture, along with the same brand WIPES has worked so well with killing fleas! i don't have an extreme house infestation but my kitties had suffered enough and it was time to try everything i could! I used frontline plus given them all kinds of baths and combed but nothing was working on these Michigan fleas! This stuff helped so much! i sprayed it into every corner, covering every inch of my house (2 floors) into drawers and all closets, shoes, and furniture. Along with other products as well but this seemed to work better than the rest, how do i know? before i flea fogged the entire house or used any other products, i used this first. As i was taking apart the sofa to start fogging, i found 2 dead fleas on the inner sofa cushion after spraying the day before! not only that, but after giving my cats a flea shampoo bath, i used the VETS BEST WIPES which I bought here after checking great reviews, to catch whatever fleas jump off the cats and stuck them onto the wipes and BOOM THEY DEID INSTANTLY! i have a picture of the wipe i used that day!

    I have now used up 3 bottles and have one still half way full, i spray on occasion and use the wipes on my cats when i comb them! 

  • Eugene L.

    I guess all pet owners worry about fleas and look for ways to fight them. As I have kids, I prefer using home remedies and having surfed the Internet, I was lucky to find a good article https://www.catfoodpoint.com/how-to-get-rid-of-fleas-on-cats/ So, I'm currently using a flea trap. Also, lemon works well as a protective shield, moreover, it smells nice.

  • Julianna W.

    I use flea traps. This is what I used the last time menacetopests.com/flea-trap/#product6 . Quit happy with it. 

  • Quesia_Sil

    i use colosso for fleas and others insects

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