Are nutritional supplements worth it?


I have a little kitten (7 months old), already neutered. He is happy, healthy, and sleeps a lot, but he is an indoor cat. I am worried that he is not getting all the nutrition that he needs. My vet said that it is fine for him to only eat dry food (which he gets Kitty's Cousine for). I try to feed him one half of a pack of vet food as well, but I was told it's best to avoid vet food since it is addictive and not as good for them. 

So anyway I asked around in my cat-owner friends' circle and they suggested Ergyvet to me. I checked their website and they have a couple of interesting things, but I'm not sure how necessary they are for my cat. What do you guys think? Are they worth a try or should I just stick with dry food every day/vet once and hope he gets enough nutrition from those?

Thanks in advance!
  • Rhian K.

    Recently our vet added some probiotics to Tom's diet. It's stated at, that probiotics work to increase good bacteria in the GI tract and reduce or eliminate bad bacteria. I'm curious if someone gives probiotics to your cats and why? Are they really needed?

  • Eugene L.

    Usually, cats don't need much food. It is important not feed your kitten more than needed. 

  • Connie S.

    Your vet is out of date to say that dry food is fine. It has been directly connected to contributing to feline diabetes and it has been indirectly connected to obesity, urinary and kidney issues in kitties. It is too low in moisture and too high in carbs to be considered health for kitties (see a site run by a vet) 

    If you are buying a commercial pet food that is approved for either kittens or all life stages then your kitty is getting all the nutrients it needs. Supplements of vitamins and minerals is questionable in humans and even more so in kitties. 

    Composition équilibrée de micronutriments et d’extraits végétaux
    Ingrédients : levure de bière, glutamine, carotte, potassium, méthionine, MSM, bambou, vitamine C, calcium, cystéine, taurine, glycine, phosphore, chlorella, thé vert, lysine, magnésium, tryptophane, arginine, curcuma, vitamine E, vitamine B3, vitamine B5, sélénium, zinc, vitamine B2, vitamine B1, vitamine B6, vitamine B9, vitamine A, iode, vitamine D3, vitamine B8, vitamine B12, oligoéléments

    I don't see anything horrible in there. Green tea is questionable. You could risk overdosing on the vitamin D.. but the B vitamins and the C  are water soluble so giving too much means the kitty just pees it out.

    So, not really necessary, but if you would feel more comfortable giving extra while the kitty is growing just be careful to follow the recommendations and not give too much.


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