Help Lua be sweet and kind again, feel safe and protected

Lua: I turned vicious and angry when my "dad" left "mom" after 30 years of marriage.  "Mom is okay, but I am a mess.  Everything I knew was stripped from my home, and I am in a strange place now.  I am a rescue cat, I thought I was finally home forever, well I was for 5 years.  I cannot control my anger and draw blood on my mom daily. Help me be the sweet cat I was before

  • Olivier V.

    Poor Lua feels lost and betrayed, and seeing her mom sad and lost makes her panic even more. Cats do understand human expressions and emotions, and all of these factors together make her freak out.

    I think that the first things to do would be to reintroduce some sort of normalcy for her, with a cat tree, a nice, comfy box to hide and calm down in... If it's possible financially as it may be hard after a separation and a move, do you think you could maybe buy her better food, even if it's just for a short time? It could give her something pleasant in these traumatizing times.

  • Valerie F.

    Thank you so much Chewy, 

    Mom is a lot better after struggling with everything thrown on/at her out of the blue. 

    Lua is still being really bad.  It breaks my heart.  

    Dad was never "dad" he was just there.

  • Chewy

    I'm so sorry to hear that you have changed since dad left mom. Is this still the case? It must be very difficult for the both of you. How is mom doing?

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