Dental & Gums

Homer's teeth & gums are turning black. I give him a fresh bowl of water ever day with cat mouth wash mixed in with it. I also give him running water from the tap. He eats dry cat food with temptations for treats. Is this normal for a cat? I'm afraid that his teeth are going to fall out. Any suggestions?
  • Rhian K.

    Do you feed your cat with exclusively dry food? Kasseyy is right. It could be periodontal disease. Have you solved the problem? Is your Homer okay?

  • James B.

    Wow, I would be in your place, if you have already tried something and it did not help you, I would turn to a specialist, because it does not need to be delayed and treated yourself

  • Tbyrd

    Thanks for the replay Kassey. I pretty figured out as much but this is my first time owning a cat, i've always had dogs. They are not loose or crooked so hopefully they will not be falling out anytime soon. Have you ever had an animal's teeth cleaned? I have not but none of dogs have had this problem. I was wondering if it worked & about the cost. I could see where he might be in pain one day from it so I would like to do something about it before it becomes too late.
  • Kasseyy S.

    If your teeth feel loose, become crooked, or fall out altogether, you probably don't need a dentist to tell you there's a big problem. This is typically the result of periodontal disease,” which causes bone loss around your teeth and jaw.


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