Babies and cat

Hello , early on the year I got a persian chinchilla kitten and I love her but I was afraid of my baby reaching the litter and getting parasites . I read that even if they are indoor pets and get wormed , a simple flee can bring parasites . So I gave back my kitten and know i feel very sad i miss her . And i would like advise about how to deal with babies (almost a year) and cats 
  • Anna O.


    Thank you Deborah
  • Anna O.


    My baby already turns and is almost walking. And thanks i will close the nurser
  • Sharon K.


    I had seven cats when my youngest daughter was born.  They were strictly indoor cats, and we never had a problem.  My daughter was taught pretty much from birth how to treat the cats with kindness and respect, never chasing or grabbing at them.  She was taught to sit down and let them come to her, then to simply stroke them gently.  She's nearly 18 now, and all animals love her.
  • Pizza C.


    I had thirteen generations of cats and yes sometimes they bring parasites like blood-sucking skin lice. If you keep the hygiene of the cat and baby and the room clean, you might not have any problem.  

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