Proper feeding

  just adopted  Missy from shelter She's head her veterinary Checkup she's very healthy She came from unpleasant situation She seems to be Hungry all the time I don't want overfeed her but she hovers by her dish I feed her Adry cat food MAB twice a week fresh salmon

  • Kenneth B.


    Agree. And they will stop eating once they realize they're not hungry anymore ☺
  • avensis D.


    Hi, cats usually eat several times a day.

  • Olivier V.


    Yes, it might be counter-intuitive for someone who's not used to cats, but they eat in very small portions, up to 12 times a day! That's not unhealthy, that's how they work (small stomachs+high energy consumption). 

    Of course, you don't need to watch over their bowl and feed them 12 times a day, feed them 2 or 3 times a day and they'll go eat whenever they want. 

    And, finally, even if they're not hungry, they may ask loudly and repeatedly for your food whenever you're cooking or eating yourself. Do not give them from your plate, but you can, sometimes, give them some boiled or steamed chicken or fish at THEIR feeding time (not yours).


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