Raw food diet

 I currently feed them with beef/chicken meat with eggs and squash. What do you all put in your pet's raw food diet?

  • Connie S.

    80 % muscle 10% organs 10% bones with some eggs and a few additional supplements to make sure they get enough from the recipe at catinfo.org  I occasionally put in a few stalks of parsley to get them some greens because I'm not great at growing cat grass. 

    Cats do not need fruits or veg

  • Amelia S.

    I give them organ meats
  • Michael S.

    I always think about my pet health So I give Bones, Organ meats, Raw Eggs in their diet.

  • Barry M.

    I feed raw proteins like beef, chicken, bananas and melon as raw. But that is usually just one meal a day. The other two meals are with cat food bought from Petcarerx. I like to mix n match fish and chicken food. 

  • Quesia_Sil

    parfois de la viande et des œufs


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