Urinary tract infections

My cat was diagnosed with a UTI, the medicine the veterinarian prescribed was an antibiotic Clevecal chewable. I'm pretty sure that I'm spelling it wrong, just got off of wrk..I think he's allergic to the medicine...he can hardly breath, and he seems disoriented and can hardly stand up and he's not eating 
  • Isabella .

    very sorry to here i hope she is fine now 

  • Emily W.

    Get a second opinion from a diff vet
  • Aimee H.

    Take back to the vets immediately. 
  • Bryan B.

    Definitely take him to the vet asap! Sounds like he's knocking on heavens door.
  • Chewy

    Have you went back to the vet and discussed the issue? I am sorry to hear that ☹ I hope your cat will be okay!

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