Urinary traction

How long should you give your cat aconite to treat a uti
  • georgian N.

    You can also try offering your cat canned food, as the extra moisture can help. Avoid giving your cat any milk, as this can worsen the infection. Finally, keep your cat's litter box clean and easily accessible. A dirty litter box can make a UTI worse and make your cat less likely to want to use it. Also, I can recommend searching for a great vet clinic on shelterapet.com. There you will find a lot of reviews.

  • georgian N.

    You can do a few things to help your cat feel more comfortable while waiting to see the vet. Try to encourage your cat to drink more water. This will help flush out the bacteria causing the infection.

  • William R.

    It’s better to consult a vet as they’re better equipped to assess the situation. Yes, there are blogs and references out there that you can consult and I can share them as well but every cat is different and their reactions are different from medicines, so consulting a vet is the best option. There are a few portals that will help you find a vet near you like - greatvet.com,veterinarians.com, since vets aren’t taking patients right now, or are taking less than usual patients so you can use these to find another vet near you if your regular vet is not available.

  • Chewy

    Hi Sonia,

    We recommend talking to a vet about UTI treatments straight away.

    These can be very serious for a cat and require immediate attention.

    They will be able to give you targeted medication and dosage requirements.

    Treating UTIs oneself can put a cat at great risk of increased pain, kidney infection, and worse.

    Hope this helps!



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