Stopping Furballs

I was wondering if anyone has any tips on how to stop furballs? my cat suffers badly with them and wasnt sure if theres a way to reduce them maybe?
  • Chewy


    Hi Jazz, 

    There are a few ways to help with hairballs. 

    1. Diet is one of them - a good, healthy coat can help with unwanted hair loss. There are a range of hairball preventative at food options available, but talk to your vet if you're unsure which variety your cat is best suited to.

    2. Does your cat have access to outdoor grass or cat grass? This is an important way for cats to get rid of excess hair stuck in the throat. A pot of cat grass can be easily kept in the house 

    3. Can you try brushing your cat daily/every other day using a cat brush to remove excess hairs?

    4. Ensure your cat has access to clean water at all times. Some only like to drink from running water sources so a cat water fountain might be an option for you?

    5. If your cat seems stressed they could be over-grooming as a symptom of this stress. This in turn can make hairballs more common. Could be good to identify the underlying issue if this is the case

    6. If you're worried, we'd really recommend speaking to your vet. It may require a simple dietary change, or your vet might be able to identify something else

    I hope this helps. Keep us posted about how you get on!

    Good luck!


  • Chewy


    Have a read of this article under the heading "My cat's eating grass...". Helps to explain why they need to eat it :D


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