Finding Prada

i cannot find my cat Prada
  • Emily W.

    i really thought Prada is missing. Good thing she isn't 
  • Bryan B.

    Hilarious! 😂

  • Chewy

    Well that's a huge relief, Kaye!

    Prada's profile is here:

    Prada's profile shows up in your settings, along with Smudge's. You can easily switch between the two just by selecting on their name/image in your settings. If you need a hand, let us know - and just us let know what device you're using - iOS, Android, desktop, etc.

    Hope this helps 😊 

  • kaye M.

    Prada isn't missing at home. i can't find her in yummypets
  • Chewy

    Hi Kaye,

    We're so sorry to hear Prada has gone missing!!

    Our advice would be to alert your neighbours all around you so they too can be on the lookout. 

    We'd also recommend popping up notices with your number around your area in case someone sees her. Additionally, jump on to Facebook to see if there's a 'lost and found' page for either pets or other personal belongings in your area. 

    If you can, leave some fresh food and water out for her as well, in case she comes back at any point on her own.

    We really hope you find her asap. 

    Good luck and keep us posted! 😘


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