Is this Strange to anyone else

My kitty is a male about 6months, he's very attached to me, when I'm sitting he comes & puts his paws on my leg & starts to just chew, he has nothing in his mouth, when I look at him he gets really big eyes & chews more pronounced, he doesn't chew on things or me he just chews. It's almost like it's a comfort to him. I've never seen anything like this in my 30+ years of having cats. Does any1 else's cat do this.? 

  • Emily W.

    The most common cause of feline chewing is boredom; for a lot of cats, it provides the stimulation they crave. For some catschewing is compulsive; it's a way to provide themselves comfort and can even be an expression of OCD. Remember, chewing is an instinctive habit in cats. It's in their DNA!

  • Jimmie O.

    I have seen this once, in my friend's cat. Every time she came to my friend she started chewing on something. The vet told my friend it is due to the big amount of saliva that can emerge once the cat feels good about seeing her owner.
  • Chewy

    Hi Shelley,

    We've seen this before in various cats, perhaps not quite like what your kitty does. 

    It doesn't sound like it's something to worry about, but it might be worth visiting your vet just to ave a general check-up and see that everything's ok?

    If getting to a vet during this time is a bit tricky (most are remaining open), some are also offering online consultations. They may not be able to do a physical check over but you can at least address the chewing.

    Good luck and keep us posted! 🙂


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