Pooping Outside Litter Box


A couple of weeks ago, my cat started pooping outside her litter box, which was abnormal for her. She started acting more temperamental and was communicating with me more than usual. I took her to the vet and found out her anal glands were badly inflamed. Other than that, they deemed her healthy and didn’t find anything else wrong with her.  Her glands were popped and after a couple of days, she started pooping in her litter box again. I got another box just to be safe. She was pooping fine in her box for about 4 or 5 days and then all of a sudden the last couple of says has decided to not poop in either box. She will go pee in both. Nothing has changed recently that can be thought of, for her to have any anxiety. She’s been more fiery and playful since her visit with the vet. I know this can be a thing for cats, but I’m sort of at a loss now with everything. If anyone has some pointers or ideas on how to help her start using the box, please reply! 

  • Lamont .


    My cat had the same difficulties. He played tormented. I went to the toilet around the house. I tried 2-3 boxes for a cat. But he did not want to. i bought it


    and my cat got used to it. already 1 month goes to the toilet on this rug

  • Jimmie O.


    My friend's cat done the same for a couple of months but she had a watery Stoll because of her IBD. 

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