Eats adhesive tape

Could anyone tell me why my cat eats adhesive tape? She smells it out & will chew it off boxes. She's not hungry by any means! I'm careful not to leave any around because I don't know if its harmful or not.
  • Chewy


    Hi there,

    It's a good question! Apparently a little digging on the net shows that it's not an uncommon thing for cats to do. In some cases, it can be linked to the condition called 'pica', where people (and in this case cats) have a propensity for chewing on or eating non-food items. Apparently with cats, this can happen when a kitten is not weaned properly from its mother. Other reasons could be dietary-related, boredom or stress, genetics, unique behavioral traits, etc. It's probably best just to hide any tape you have in the house, or bin it as soon as any arrives on a delivery box for example, just to be sure she's not ingesting the plastic or glue, or gets it tangled in her throat or around her body ☺

  • Tall'n'Tattooed


    Thank you Chewy. I've heard of pica before and it makes sense that animals could suffer from the same condition. My other cat eats rubberbands and licks photographs. But.... despite the dysfunctions my kid-dies have, I love them like they were my children. Spoiled rotten children, but they spoil me back with their cuddles & entertainment.
  • Chewy


    Oh bless, that's made me feel all warm and fuzzy! Haha, yeah our kitties certainly can have strange ways. Love that your other kitty licks photographs, hehe how funny. Sounds like there's plenty of love floating around your home - lucky kitties and lucky you! 🤗


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