Urinating right outside the litter box.

Does anyone know what can cause a cat (Star in this case) to urinate right outside the litterbox?  I thought of either stress or a UTI but stress doesn't add up, since shes been with us, for over a year and a half and nothing in the house has changed, and this problem has shown up about ten months ago. I think maybe a UTI could be the issue but I'm not sure, and our local vet isn't sure either. Does anyone here have any remedies?

  • Chewy

    Hi Star, sorry to hear you're having trouble using the kitty little box. Try sharing this article with your muma / dada (get them to read top to bottom). It can be really hard to tell what's going on sometimes as it's usually unique to each cat. It might even be worth getting a second opinion from another vet? Hope you can get to the bottom of the issue really soon! petmd.com/cat/behavior/6-reasons-your-cat-peeing-outside-litter-box


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