Am I feeding my cat enough?

My cat is nearly 4 now and I give her 2 food pouches per day, one in the morning and one at around 6, plus a few dry biscuits before I go to bed. However, she still begs for food all the time and will try to eat anything left around including trying to get into food cupboards. Every time I go to the kitchen she follows me and meows at the cupboard where she knows her food is kept. 

I have researched and feel like I am feeding her enough for her size etc so she doesn't put on too much weight but does anyone have any advice on what to do or has anyone experienced this themselves?

  • Sarry B.

    You should take into consideration that almost all cats are little manipulators. They like the food and can eat more than they need, just like people.

  • VanessaWalsh

    I don't think you should increase the food quantity. However, you can try including vitamins in the cat's diet or changing the brand. Maybe the brand doesn't fit her needs the best, so don't forget to check the ingredients.

  • Adam P.

    Thanks for the information.

  • Chewy

    Hi Ellie,

    We have a similar problem sometimes, although we've started to learn his tricks and know when he's really actually hungry (persistent meowing). However, it doesn't sound like this is the same in your case. When you say pouches, do you mean wet food? If so, wet food usually contains a relatively high water content, often meaning that the substance of food is less / digests more quickly (kind of like the difference brown and white rice). This is even if the calorie/energy content is accurate for the amount they should get. You might want to take your cat to the vet just to check up on food type and whether or not you'd be best switching to a biscuit-based diet, with the occasional pouch or fresh meat. We were also doing the same, feeding twice per day, but what we did instead was work out the total quantity he should eat in a day, then divided it by three and gave him three small meals during the day - brekkie, lunch and dinner. It definitely helped, although we give a biscuit-based diet only. Cats definitely do have a way of being clever, and will try get a little sneaky snack out of us, but constant meowing makes it harder to detect the validity of the hunger. Try the vet option, or switching to a good, wholesome and natural biscuit-based diet and see if this helps. Let us know how you get on! Good luck! 


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