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How to edit and add photos to site

Please help I have no idea how to edit my profile or add pics thank u!!
  • Gruny

    2 years ago

    Hello, If you are using the mobile application, it is currently not possible to edit your profile. You must go through the website of Yummypets to edit it (www.yummypets.com). To add a photo, just click on the "+" icon on a green circle at the bottom of your screen when you are in the "community" section (or directly add media if you are using the website). Greetings
  • Emma W.

    2 years ago

  • Kristina C.

    2 years ago

    Oh ok thank you
  • Lisa J.

    3 months ago

    This yummy pets Help With Assignment UAE students can take pictures of their pets and upload on the site.

  • Alaina A.

    12 days ago

    If it is animated gif, make sure that all images are of the same size to write my essay uk . Especially those you add. Use the animation tools of the following sites and use the "Insert Frame / Background" tool. No matter what you need

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