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How much should you feed a horse a day

  • Tazza M.


    I wish I knew but maybe you could try searching it up and looking at different websites to see what the best diet is for your horse
  • mark G.


    Well for horse feeding I had no idea but when I did horse riding I found riding jackets are quite much essential  because of safety.

    One important thing to remember when picking a shirt or top for riding is that it covers your arms and also allows for free movement. A regular long sleeved shirt is fine, as is a short sleeved t shirt, providing you are wearing something else on top. Picking a suitable coat or jacket for riding is less straightforward. Theoretically, any coat or jacket that keeps you warm and dry and does not flap about is fine, and lots of riders wear brands and styles of coats that were not designed specifically for riding. However, coats designed specially for riding do have a few advantages. 

  • Margaret M.


    Recently I googled how much should I feed my cat a day and I'd found the article on this page: https://australianwritings.com.au/write-my-essay. There is information not only about cats but also horses, dogs, and fishes. No thanks, I'm always happy to help.

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