My Dogs paws between his toes are red

MY dog does not lick bite or chew at all. All 4 feet are red fur in between his toes. There is no discomfort at all for him..
So i am trying to find out if this is normal could be normal... MY vet says he is biting his paws. 
I am with him 24 7 and he has never licked bit or anything on his paws. He is on grass that has no chemicals at all... Or he is on the beach of the atlantic ocean. 

Could this be just normal. Vet wants to put medicine on him and i dont want to do this if un necessary.

  • Ryan O.


    Let them put medicine, having red paws surely doesn't mean it is normal.
  • Mike H.


    Could be yeast in-between his toes. Dogs sometimes get this when their paws are wet a lot, sounds like it could be from the beach. Our dog had this and his feet smelled like corn chips. We wiped in-between his toes with white vinegar on a cotton swab twice a day and it went away after a few days. 
  • Kookie J.


    Our old dog has fur discoloration in the past and it was because of incessant paw licking. But since that's not the case for you, it could be yeast infection like Mike H. said or perhaps some allergic reaction? I hope you were able to find a solution and that your dog is okay!


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