Dog broke his fingernail and it was bleeding

Hello. My Golden broke his fingernail. I do not know when did it happen, I just seen him licking his paw and some blood on the carpet. I noticed that there is blood on his rear paw. I took a closer look and his fingernail is broken right at the beginning of the nail. Its still holding on there but its curved and has a crack. I cleaned it with a wet cotton and applied Kwik Stop (held a wet cotton with kwik powder on his paw and squeezed few drops on the nail.) Not sure what to do next, every vet nearby is closed. I wouldn't want to cut that nail myself. He is sleeping now.

Should I take him into his cage and leave it until tomorrow?

  • Jimmie O.

    Yesterday at 12:10

    Hi, I hope everything went well. A broken nail is never an urgent vet problem. I would do the same if I was you. Stop the bleeding and calm the dog. Good job!
  • Jimmie O.

    Yesterday at 12:16

    Hi! I hope everything went well with your pooch. I had the similar problem with my dog. Brocken nail is not an emergency vet problem. I have done the same as you. Stop the bleeding and calm him.  Good job for us! ☺

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