Dog keeps on barking

My dog keeps on barking and i think my neighbors are getting annoyed with it, even if i bring my dog with me i can't always check on her she might get lost ☹
  • Lucas G.


    Exercise her as much as you can. Daily walks, enrichment games, and other activities to distract her from barking. Also, if you can go swimming with her that would be an excellent exercise for her.
  • VanessaWalsh


    You should exercise your dog. Especially if your pet is a large breed, such as a labrador or husky. These dogs must be trained from childhood. If you do not have time for this or you do not know how to do that then you can contact a dog handler. These specialists train dogs to be obedient. For example, I decided to train my Doberman myself. When he correctly executes commands, I gave him a deer antler dog chew, which he loved so much. That's how, over time, he stopped barking and growling at passers-by.

  • Marga A.


    First of all, you should know why your dog keeps on barking. Maybe they are bored, seeking attention, or they want something. Some dogs experience separation anxiety that is why they excessively bark. Training the dog is essential if this is the case. First, you will have to think twice before taking your pet outside as this may only result in further frustration. Also, you should make sure that you keep your pet within the premises in order for your dog to learn to get used to the sounds of the outdoors. If you allow your dog to wander off, they are more likely to be aggressive towards other people or other animals. I have also experienced this problem with my Akita Inu and the good thing that he is now fine and enjoys the toys and treats inside the house.


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