Losing fur

my 14wk chi has started to lose small patches of hair. She has been checked for fleas/mites and none have been found, have done baths, flea combing etc. I have had her for 5 wks and in that time the weather has been extremely hot and am wondering if this may be the cause. I have previously had chihuahuas but have not come across this. Am also wondering if its because she is solid black (rare) the general shedding shows more because of her colouring.

She is not scratching and is in good health. She hasnt been chipped yet so it is not a reaction from medication ( she is 700 grams so too small). She was wormed 2 weeks ago but the hair loss has only been over the last 4 days

  • scott B.


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  • chris M.


    how to control hair fall for dogs?
  • chris M.


    how to prevent fur fall for dogs
  • Ryan O.


    Hello! Is everything okay now?

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