Screaming dog

My doxipoo gets so worked up when we kennel him and we aren't even out the door yet and he will let out his high pitched barking it sounds more like screaming it's so loud anyways would like advice on what I can use to get him to stop I was wondering if maybe a vibrating collar? Has one one else have or had this problem and if so what helped? Thanks. 
  • Carl C.

    I tried different barriers for my dog. I have a Boxer and this is a very active dog. We named him Tyson, like the great fighter Mike Tyson. I had a lot of barriers of different rights, but my dog could jump over all of them. I used this barrier to make sure that my dog doesn't go outside at night. I live at the farm, and just google What eats a dog? and off and you will understand how dangerous it is for them to be outside at night. There are a lot of predators that can harm your dog, also drunk people. I changed the doors in my house just to make sure that my dog is at home at night.

  • Tammy S.

    He only does this when we are leaving he has no problems when we r home so it's a being left problem

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