Where to find in the Orlando a good veterinary clinic?

  • VanessaWalsh

    What kind of problem do you have
  • Ray D.

    I would better ask where to find in the Orlando a good but cheap vet clinic.

  • Jeremye H.

    It depends on what do you mean under cheap veterinary clinic. Most of Orlando's vet clinics are pretty affordable, so no problem at all. The cheapest option is becoming a veterinary yourself. My sister is a veterinary assistant, so my dogs are cared for 24/7. If you have such a desire, you can read more on Veterinary Schools U about all veterinary stuff. I would just add that being a vet doctor is not easy as you think. So asking for "cheap" vet clinics sounds like "I don't want to spend much on my pets, just treat them anyhow".

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