Do you use pedigree 12x100g

I would like to know if anyone uses pedigree vital protection 12x100g.

Have you ever weighed the contents inside before you give them to your dog I have and I found that each packet is not 100g , each time I weigh the food before I as I other things with her food . I have found out that each packet are about 99g I have had some less than that 97g I have only had one which was 103g. I'd just like to know if anyone helps us found this problem to or if it's just me.

  • malinnes M.


    No, I'like to use Purina

  • foxy


    Please can you show me your article that you said you have written and other people are not happy about this .Thank you

  • Marnia W.


    I give my dog "wellness natural pet food".

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