Should I be using a harness for my puppy?

Hello Everyone,

I have a 12 week old Scottish Terrier. He loves his walks and is doing quite well on his lead with his collar. However, I have been told that I should be using a harness to protect his neck. I've since read mixed views on this so I thought I would ask for advice here directly. Should I get a harness? And if so, what type would you recommend? I would rather not spend too much as he's growing so quickly. 

Any Idea , Suggestions would be appreciated,


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  • Ryan O.

    I agree with chile. You buy a harness instead of collar and an accessory that can track wherever she goes.
  • Chile H.

    The harness is better than a collar. Not so expensive and the best choice for dog's neck
  • Sanahi P.

    If you go for long walks with your pet, then you can use a harness. Else a collar is more than enough. 

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