How can i stop my dog being so nervous of having her nails cut ? Which makes me nervous to. ?

She hates having her nails cut and ripped her dew claw out a little while ago i am worried she will catch others.

  • Ann S.

    Positive reinforcement always helps, whether its from extra love and affection during the process to show them that they are safe and that they are doing a good job, and after the clipping is done rewarding them with treats is helpful too especially if you clip their nails often because they'll learn to have good behavior during the process if they know they'll be getting treats after. 
  • Wysteria Q.

    Have some body hold her and cover her eyes while you cut them
  • Caitlin F.

    First of all the thing you need to do is calm yourself. Dogs are very sensitive to the feeling of their owners. So it is probably because you get tense and anxious when your dog gets it's nails done that your dog feeds off that and gets anxious itself. Make sure you breath properly. They is the first step to relaxing yourself. 

    Next once you have relaxed yourself start retraining your dog. Rub its feet, play with the nails, generally get your dog use to being handled. Next just try clipping one nail and rewarding with a treat. Leave the rest until your dog calms itself. Rinse and repeat. 

    As your dog gets more confident with itself and you in the process then you can up the amount of nails you do at a time. All you need to do is build up your confidence and your dogs. Also if you hit a quick, don't panic! If you get excited and scared then so will your dog. I know it bleed a lot, I am a groomer myself and I have had my fair share of close cuts but it is always good to remain calm and collected with your dog.

  • Zoe Gladwin

    Hi, Perhaps you could try giving her a treat every time she lets you hold her paw or get close to her nails with the cutters. On of our dogs, Shanti has a similar issue. Or maybe try something like this - I quite like the idea of training the dog to file its own nails :)


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