My dog had a stroke - looking for some hope


My 13 year old Staffy x Ridgeback suffered a stroke last week. She's doing pretty considering - she's a bit wobbly on her legs and not great at turning left, but she can walk, take herself out to the toilet and her appetite, whilst not what it once was, is ok. 

The thing that I'm really concerned about is that she whines a lot, mostly when she's laying down in her bed. She appears to get agitated and stressed and her breathing rate increases. 

The vet has given us some anti-nausea and pain meds that also have a sedative side-effect, but once they wear off (usually after five or six hours) she starts whining and stressing again. 

I don't think she's in any physical pain but confused? Does anyone have thoughts of what this could be?
  • Adams N.

    I hope he recovers, be sure to give him a lot more love.
  • JON T.

    Same thing happened to my pet a few years back. Unfortunately, he died after a few months after the stroke. His head was tilted to one side and started vomiting continuously. It was such a great loss for us.


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