What is the best dog food brand for my pug?

Because of the pug face being short I was wondering what is the best pet food brand for my pug?

  • Sameera K.

    Nowadays most of the options are available in the market so it is very difficult to say which brand should you use. If you buying dog food items online you must check its review, quality, etc. this will give you an idea about what to choose and what not.
  • Femke M.

    Fresh meat is very good
  • Anjica D.

    My cousin have two pugs, Nea and Bak. She use Royal Canin Breed Pug Adult.

  • Chewy

    My friend's pug is on 1/3 of a can of wet food and a small handful of mixer twice a day, if this helps? ☺


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