How many times a month should I wash my poodle?

Usually the same person that grooms him gives him a wash too but in between cuts he gets a bit smelly - I don't want to wash him too much or too little, however!

  • Marjorie C.

    I have my Bebe Bella groomed every 3 weeks, she don't stay outside so she don't get to dirty at 3 weeks she usually starts smelling like a dog and then she starts growing whiskers that's when I know it's time to take her to the groomers
  • Jimmie O.

    My previous pet was a poodle, and it had atopic dermatitis. My vet told me puddles are prone to that condition. Always use dog shampoo...and wash no more than once a month with it. Once or twice a week you can wash her only with warm water. Use a supplement for her fur and skin.
  • Stephanie W.

    There are "refresher" sprays for dogs that will keep them smelling good between baths as well
  • Charlène

    You should wash your dog when they get smelly! Usually it is between once a week and once a month, using special dog shampoo


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