Refrigerated Canned Food

Hi, I am a debut mom of 10 weeks old maltipoo. He is teething right now so find it hard to eat dry kibbles so I mix it up with some wet food. I read that we can store opened can of wet food for about 3-4 days in refrigerator. The question is next time I wanna serve him wet food from refrigerated can, it's cold. Is it ok to serve him right out of the refrigerator or should I wait to bring it to room temperature? Thanks!! Jay.
  • Zoey Z.


    I think you should leave it at room temp so that your pup may not like the cold of the refrigerator so I would leav it out for five to ten minutes also wet food is not that good for dogs I did this when my dog was a puppy have hard food and wet it to make it softer this would also be a good suggestion ask your vet first because chageing wet food to dry food can be tuff

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