How do you train a possessive Pomeranian ?

My aunt's possessive Pomeranian won't stop barking and growling. We have tried training him with a cage, yelling at him in a stern voice, and a shock collar. Nothing works!
  • aalina 0.

    Hey there, Pomeranians are particularly likely to be possessive of toys and food. You should train your pomeranian by putting your hand in her bowl and playing toy exchange games with her when she is a puppy "check out this"

  • Morris T.

    Basically, you have to train your pomeranian to stop barking. If the dog is barking more than usual, it means there is something wrong. He might be scared of something, feeling frustrated, or even he is sick. Find out the cause and spend more time with him, play with him. If he is sick, better visit the veterinarian. If he is frustrated, spend more time with him, eliminate his loneliness. Sometimes, dogs also bark more than usual if they are warm under the hot temperature. As pomeranian has double fur coat, which can make him uncomfortable in the summers, so try giving him a haircut. You can try some of these haircuts, as they are best for summers. I hope all these suggestions can help you decreasing the barking frequency of your pomeranian. 
  • Luna

    Have you tried training it when he was a puppy? If you haven't, that might be the problem.  If not trained early as a pup, it might not think you as its owner. Try training him how to sit and wait  and reward him when he listens to you. It could have other problems like food aggression or resource guarding, or maybe with you. Try figuring out what the problem is. And please don't use a shock collar, for it could hurt him.

  • Ashley S.

    I had also passed from this type of situation. You can give attention. Spend more time with your Pomeranian. He also expects that you play with him, gives a treat him, engaged with its favourite toys and treats. Regular exercise can affect and helps to bring down the barking

  • Nyko7124

    Ya just smile at the dog be happy give him or her treats and hugs kisses maybe as well his past his or her been bad her or he has been abused check the veterinarian
  • LaPinkaDazzle

    He pretty much barks at everything. Noises, food, sometimes gets aggressive when you try to pick him up and some other stuff.

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