How do you post photos?

  • Chewy

    Hi Anna! The answer that you read about the community tab was written a few years ago and the website has evolved since then. To post a photo, you can click on "Newsfeed" or on your profile photo in the right corner of the browser. Then, there should be a camera icon on this page. You can click this and choose a photo to post. Please let us know if you are still having trouble posting a photo! 

  • Anna P.

    Hi where do I find the community tab? There isnt one at the top of the page.

  • Gruny

    Hello, You have to add a pet on Yummypets (if it's not already done). Once done, you could post photo through the "community" tab (both on the website or the mobile app). Here, you can post directly a new media (drag and drop on the website or click the white + in a green circle at the bottom of the mobile app). I hope it will worked for you.

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