Cat worming advice


I am in a bit of a quandary, my 3 cats are part of the companion care pet plan so £10 a month each for flea wormer and booster vaccinations. Our vets have been great especially when Monty suffered his really nasty burn. Loki our Norwegian is a show cat and the profender wormer leaves a sticky residue that takes ages to go from his coat I am also worried that it will encourage his coat to Matt now he is developing his full ruff. The advocate doesn't seem to cause the same issues as that goes within a day or two. I asked if I could swap the profender for milebax but our vets don't stock it. They sold me drontal instead but at £7.80 as he has to have 1 3/4 tablets (he had two I coulndt split it into 3/4) it doesn't seem that good a value anymore. So I am debating wether to cancel the plan and advantage and drontal him or wether to find another vets who have a plan where I can get millebax and advocate. I flea monthly as I am allergic to flea bites so do not want to risk them getting fleas.
Is it a bit extreme to change vets to get a different wormer, and if they don't stock profender I would keep Monty at companion care as he is so difficult to tablet. Does anyone else have pets with different vets? I also have 3 rabbits with the vets

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