Crazy Pugs

do you pugs ever get so hyper they just run around really fast all crazy like? And theyre tail is down and they just run like a roadrunner?

  • Ella W.

    Yep all the time
  • ozant


  • Caitlin F.

    I don't have a pug, but my mothers Miniature Poodle does. She seems to do it after walks and when she gets all hyped up as she plays with her favorite toys. I just think is is an expression of pure joy to run with such reckless abandon. 

  • bonbons

    Trigger is half  frenchie half pug  and does the same, runs up the stairs back down round the living room on one sofa and jumps to next, out in the kitchen then does the whole routine again, this is always after a night walk as well. So much energy but wouldn't swop my crazy little frug for anything.

  • Marilyn I.

    All the time Bailey runs in circles in the garden and trys on our wood floor without a lot of success as he cant get a good grip he looks so funny he well also leap on the sofa and then run around again pugs certainly are crazy but cute at the same time


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