How do I stop my Jack Russel Terrier from jumping up on all of our guests as soon as they enter the house ?

  • YummyOrNot Y.

    Since he's a small breed, try putting your knee up when he jumps. Works for my cavi
  • Volvo B.

    I bought a book that says if your dog jumps just turn away cross your arms and ignore him
  • Nikita F.

    My dog does do the same he's jumping on the sofa
  • carl M.

    Facts are that some of them love water and that Is not how to tell them not to jump up they have a strike side and you need to pick them up and then pat their heads when u put them down that stops them jumping up as they kno what u are going to do if they keep doing it 

  • Mandy P.

    Try putting him in another room when they arrive. Then after a while let him out so your guest can greet him.

  • boygeorge

    Also, train him by ignoring him whenever he gets excited. When you or a guest arrive and he started to get excited and trying to jump, turn around and dog give attention until he's calm.

  • Anna I.

    I know for a fact Jack Russels don't like getting wet. When guests arrive, spray your dog lightly in the faace with clean water preferably from a clean spray can. After doing this once or twice, your dog should know whats coming therefore he won't jump. It helps to discourage him/her from jumping on guests vocally aswell.

  • Jack-o

    They got excited when a guest comes, the same happend when I enter in the house. To calm down I encourage him to sit and when it happend give him a reward.


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