What do you use for Deshedding?

My dog desheds a lot, I am thinking of buying this amazon.com/FurMaster®-Grooming-Deshedding-Clippers-Deshedder/dp/B00GD6VF2W. Do you think this would help?

  • Caitlin F.

    Your Afghanhound should not be shedding. To use a tool like this on your dogs coat will tear the dogs skin and make the coat horrible, frizzy and more prone to matting. A stripping tool like this it meant to remove undercoat from double coated breeds like Collies or Shepherds. You should never use this tool on a single coated breed like Shi Tzu's, Lhasa,  Bearded Collie or Afghan hounds.

    There are generally only three reasons for an Afghan to lose a large amount of coat:

    Your dog may still be a puppy. As an Afghan grows into its adult coat, their adult pattern will start to grow in. Or rather, hair will fall out or loosen on the face and length of the back and tail. Some will lose more than that depending on whether it is going to be a desert coat or a mountain coat. While some never develop a saddle. When Afghan's are puppies, they should be groomed fully (bath, dried and brush) once a week.

    If your dog is a bitch, she may be coming into heat. Afghan bitches drop coat when they come into their heat cycle. Either get your bitch spayed or take her to a groomer.

    Your dog is on poor quality food. Causing the hair to be weak and break more often than it should. Put your dog on a high quality diet and stop feeding table scraps if you are. The salt in human food can be very hard on a dogs system.

    Afghan's are a dog that requires a lot of grooming. If you want to have the signature beautiful long coat, your dog needs to be done maintained. If not and you want to get rid of shedding all together just take your dog to a groomer and get your dog cut down short.

    Sources: I am a dog groomer, I have an Afghan and I work for an Afghan breeder.


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