How can I prevent my Cavalier from barking when he sees another dog?

When my Cavalier is out for a walk and spots another dog, he starts barking at the dog.  Once we are close enough to the dog for them to greet, he stops barking.  But his barking can cause some other dog owners to think that he is not friendly.

How can I correct this behavior?

I have tried having him sit, which usually does not stop the barking.  I have tried using the voice command, "Enough," or "Quiet" with mixed results.  I wonder if I need to immediately (and quickly) walk in the other direction until he learns that he only gets to greet the other dog when he does not bark....

  • Haley F.

    Two things I know is let him/her be around dogs a lot or give him/her lots of attention
  • Jean E.

    I agree with the giving a treat to gain his attention until he can safely great other friendly dogs

  • maxwellsequations


    Thank you very much for the suggestion.  Porter is definitely food-motivated, so I will give that a try!

  • Doglovinglou

    Sounds like he's overly excited or frustrated in that he can't get to the other dog quick enough. Is he highly food motivated? An idea to try is to teach him the "look at me" command, so he eventually looks to you everytime you ask him to and then you reward him with a really tasty treat. Start off by asking him to look at you around the house, treating him everytime he even so much as glances at you in the beginning. After repetition, build up to more distracting areas and increase the time you ask him to look at you. Eventually of course your goal will be to have him maintain eye contact with you while you pass an oncoming dog/or until it's ok for him to meet and greet the other dog.


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