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How I can make my puppy's ears remain standing up? is a yorkshire



    i believe that yorkies are born with floppy ears and require a surgical proceedure to make them stand up.

  • Alyssa P.


    At young age you can tape the ears up so they will stay but  my yorkie is older now yorkies with  the more hair on the ears the heavier it is so I shave my dogs ears so they are light and standing up

  • Peppianne


    Why would you want to force his ears to stand up if they do not naturally do so. His ears will work just as well whether they are up or down and your dog will certainly not appreciate being put through unnecessary operations just for cosmetic reasons. Will you love him anymore if his ears stand up? More to the point will he love you anymore? I doubt it.

  • Ameluz A.


    i will not force to have ears up with a operation. and of course i love my baby A LOT.  also FYI her ears are up now, just naturally! 

  • Haley F.


    Only at young age you can get your dogs ears clipped but my opinion is to not do that cause it's very painful and stuff like that to the dog
  • YummyOrNot Y.


    They may stand up now, but please do nothing to force them into staying that way. He was created to have ears like the ones he will have. Just promise you won't do anything to force it if they do naturally that's awesome!!
  • Zoey Z.


    Tape them

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