My dog is really lazy, help?

My dog Buster is always sleeping or acting lazy even though he gets more sleep than me! He does get walked daily, is he okay being lazy or is it something bad?
  • Pixel

    Maybe try make a switch to a raw diet! Raw food packed with all the nutrients a dog needs will def speed things up a bit.
  • Alyssa P.

    I suggest to take your dogs for walks and when on the walk praise him/her so that they will know its good to walk.

  • John R.

    mi perro tambien es super vago en la casa duerme casi todo el dia y cuando se despierta esta molestando con sus juguetes sacalo a la calle  que haga ejercicio eso hago yo salimos a jugar a la pelota y el se divierte y corre bastante 

  • Abby K.

    How old is Buster? As they get older they do slow down and become lazy. Otherwise, what his favourite toy? Try to. Really get him interested in his best ball or whatever, and reward him with treats and praise when he's playing with you. The final thing I can suggest if all else fails, is he may be ill. If you think he's acting under the weather your best bet is to speak to your vet about it. :)

  • Cyan-Star R.

    Buster is a Pomeranian.

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