How can i stop her chewing

My 16 week old staffy does nothing but chew she has chew toys n plenty of exercise but still prefers to chew my walls , scerting boards doors and even her plastic dog bed please help .
  • Andrew the Vet

    Hi is more help for chewing..


    SPICE UP THEIR LIFE. One of the reasons dogs chew is boredom. Regular vigorous exercise will burn off emotional energy. A tired, exercised pet is less likely to chew.

    THE RIGHT THINGS TO CHEW. Provide several chewable toys, and rotate them weekly. One of my favorites is a Kong toy, filled with peanut butter and frozen. This keeps my dog entertained for hours.

    MAKE THE BAD BITTER. Bitter Apple is a safe, non-toxic repellent spray. Place it on your couch or shoes. Tabasco sauce is another effective repellent, as some pets will even lick bitter apple.

    CRATE TRAIN. If the chewing cannot be controlled then confine your pet. Dogs often feel more secure in a small, more confined space. Begin by only leaving your pet for a short time, no more than 1 hour, gradually increasing the time away. The maximum time should be 4 hours.


    VALERIAN. Acts on the neuroreceptors in the brain. It may decrease anxiety in your pet, but it must be given for 2 weeks. The dose is 50 mg per lb of the dried herb or 1 drop per lb of body weight twice daily of the extract.

  • Caitlin F.

    Probably she needs more mental stimulation. Physical and mental stimulation are not at all the same. You can run a dog for an hour and they won't be mentally stimulated. Chewing is a sign of boredom and is self rewarding. When she chews take her away from the area and play fetch or tug. Hide some kibble in the yard and let her find it. Whatever gets her brain going.

    She also has probably established that those areas are places she can chew. As Phil said you should use some bitter apple spray or whatever you have in your area. That would be the repulsing factor but you also need to make sure that chewing things like bones or pork rawhide are rewarding. You do not want her to chew her plush, fabric or breakable toys for her own safety and because she might just take a liking to chewing your furniture.

    Never allow destructive chewing! Like when they lay down and gnaw or pull off parts of toys.

    Get meaty bones, big ones she can't break easily, and maybe a large Kong that you can stuff peanut butter or something in it. Put away all toys when she is not using them or shows destructive behavior on them.

    As for the bed, give her something more rewarding to chew or just take her away from it.

    Also. If she is not being supervised. Put her in a crate, with a bone to chew on and no bed. You can not stop something you can't see and you can't expect a dog to understand when it did wrong after the fact. If you leave a dog unsupervised in your home, of course they are going to chew your things. They are more likely to be destructive when alone because of anxiety. It is best to put them in a crate where you know they are safe, and your home is safe.

    Hope this helps

  • Phil P.




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